Sci-Fi Decemnber: Frequency

Frequency illustration by Jeff SchwartzbauerFrequency – 2000

Dir: Gregory Hoblit | Dennis Quaid, Jim Caviezel, Elizabeth Mitchell, Andre Braugher

Year: 1999, 1969

Review: Due to an atmospheric anomaly (maybe something to due with the Aurora Borealis) a son is able to speak to his father 30 years in the past via a H.A.M. radio. The discovery has a litany of consequences as the son reveals that his father (a firefighter) is going to die in an explosion. Reluctant to believe his son throughout the day his claims about a world series baseball game proves to be true, and when faced with the exact incident his son described he uses that information to escape a burning building. When the two make communication again that night they discover other things are beginning to change and the son is acquiring memories of two different pasts, one where his father survives and one where he dies. The son (a cop) begins working on a case they discover to be a cold-file on a serial murder from 30 years ago – and due to his fathers survival it changes histories path and his mother becomes a victim of this serial killer as well as several more women. The two then team up to try and find serial killer using information from both time lines and save these women’s lives. The entire movie plays out like a long Twilight Zone episode its an interesting take on the time traveling sub-section of Science Fiction. There is several instances where the rules are swayed to the favor of the film and the plot of the crime-drama more so than you would expect to happen in reality, while its a shame they don’t go as full bore as they could’ve, it still satisfying to see how they use time. The film outside of the sci-fi aspects is a bit limp and the performances, dialogue, and direction are pretty stock and won’t be anything you walk away remembering. If you are a time travel fan this is well worth the watch.


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