Sci-Fi December: The Ωmega Man

Charlton Hestons teeth illustration by Jeff SchwartzbauerThe Ωmega Man – 1971

Dir: Boris Sagal | Starring: Charlton Heston, Anthony Zerbe, Rosaline Cash

Year: Post-apocalyptic 1977

Review: This is one of several adaptations of the 1954 novel I Am Legend (others being ’65s Last Man on Earth, ’07s I Am Legend) and in this adaptation a plague is set on via biological warfare killing off most of the earth, but leaves behind a handful who were never fully affected and have turned over to become light-sensitive homicidal maniacs. In the novel a natural bacteria spreads turning people in Vampires. Charlton Heston plays a scientist who was able to use an experimental vaccine on himself in the last few moments and it works, saving his life and leaving him the only unaffected man on earth … OR SO HE THINKS! The maniacs have waged war with Heston believing he represents the evils that lead to this plague (science, technology) and they are the chosen and oppose “Those who Use the Wheel”. This is a very 70’s film, mainly because the constant overuse and overly bombastic funky music or the flute soaked arrangements used to score so much of the movie. There is that certain look to the sets from this time period, like everything has 10 coats of paint on it and its lead house-paint for everything. The make-up on the mutants is pretty bad with some rough-looking contacts lenses. But beyond all that, and the fact that a 48 year Heston look like he’s 68, and the gross jumpsuit he wears at the end, this is a fairly entertaining film. I am sure this was a real interesting concept in 1971 before so many more post-apocalyptic films had been created and left this one behind. Its not the best, and its not the worst (unlike the jumpsuit Heston wears, thats certainly the worst).

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