Sci-Fi December: The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid

Sheriff and the Satellite Kid illustration by Jeff SchwartzbauerThe Sheriff and the Satellite Kid – 1979

Dir: Michele Lupo | Starring: Bud Spencer, Cary Guffey, Raimund Harmstorf

Year: 1979

Review: The starring role in this is played by Bud Spencer, a big European star of Italian made slap-stick comedy westerns. He’s usually partnered with his long time pal and film partner Terenece Hill, where they bash and smash their way through wacky western romps with a few genre deviations here and there. In the case here with The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid Bud Spencer is on his own as Sheriff Hall in this Italian directed sci-fi romp filmed in Atlanta, Georgia of all places – although they try and make it seem like small town USA. Sheriff Hall is a rough and tumble, soft spoken sheriff who finds his town dealing with a UFO epidemic – essentially all sorts of stuff is going haywire and people are claiming they’ve seen a UFO. Sheriff Hall finds a young boy at the Amusement park claiming his name is “H-725”. Sheriff Hall assumes the kid is fibbing when he claims to be an alien, and to ensure the child’s safety he brings him back to the Sheriff station where the kid runs amok with his special computer to make everything turn upside down, gives magic alien pills to people which allows them to tumble and leap like a gymnast, frees criminals, etc. It takes a while, but once the child insists the Sheriff talk to a horse who can confirm the child’s identity, Sheriff Hall comes on board with the situation. Meanwhile the military is trying to hunt down the alien and also Hall has a variety of wild and crazy fist fights with the towns brawny petty criminal. Sheriff Hall attempts to help the kid make contact and return home while fending off the military – also with wild and crazy fist fights. The highlight of this movie, and I assume for other Bud Specer films, is these fights. They are wacky and over the top – not kung fu – but just clobbering and throwing. Lots and lots of conking people on the head sending them through the floor, big heavy gut punches, and knocking two peoples heads together with a big Bell sound effect. There is lots of just plain dopey wacky comedy as well, like talking animals and people spinning around, etc. Every line of audio is overdubbed despite them speaking English, there is one Italian accented theme song that plays over and over, its smeary looking, and the little kid is irritating. Its far from high cinema, but in no way was it ever supposed to be, and its actually pretty fun.


2 thoughts on “Sci-Fi December: The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid

  1. No, Sheriff Hall caught the Major’s punch and then crushed his hand to emphasis his statement in response to being accused of posing as an alien. He was wearing a Bee-Keepers outfit and it fooled a bunch of campers.

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