Sci-Fi December: Gog

Gog illustration by Jeff SchwartzbauerGog – 1954

Dir: Herbert L. Strock | Richard Egan, Constance Dowling, Herbert Marshall

Year: 1954

Review: Have you ever thought, “Why aren’t there any films that consist of a tour of a fictional secret laboratory?” Well my friend, Gog is just what you were looking for! The plot is that an official from a U.S. science organization is visiting a top secret laboratory to check in and see what’s what, but something goes haywire and the entire facility and its equipment starts attacking them. Some of that equipment is two clanky robots named Gog and Magog, a telescope, audio equipment, and freezers. All of this stuff is being controlled via a radio transmitter that was secretly placed in the lab and a rocket is manipulating everything from the the sky. A basic scene will play out with a guy in a lab coat playing around with some funky prop, the visitor wandering in and saying, “Oh, neat, what’s that?”, and the Scientist brags about the equipment and show him its features – and then it attacks them and they smash it to bits. This happens over and over and I highly enjoyed it, however, its not going to be for everyone. Its a lot like watching old film strips from the 50’s and unless you like the camp value in those sort of things Gog is just going to seem like some crap they would make a Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode out of. 


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