Sci-Fi December: Predator

Predator illustration by Jeff SchwartzbauerPredator – 1987

Dir: John McTiernan | Starring: Arnold Schwarzenegger, Carl Weathers, Elpidia Carrillo, Jesse Ventura

Year: 1987

Review: If you were born before December 31st 1989 and have not seen Predator – you are a creep. If you are now at least 14 years old and have not managed to see Predator via TV or Netflix you are a creep and your parents are losers. There is no excuse for no having seen this movie. This film defines the 1980’s. It pulls in the massive muscular swell from WWF’s hay day, brutal military violence from Rambo and The Delta Force, and adds a vicious humanoid alien tailored made for an action figure. In terms of science fictions its not going to win many Hugo or Saturn awards, and I don’t believe it did, but basically an Alien lands in the jungle and gets in a scrap with some mercenaries who were there to fight some bad dudes of some sort. Either way lots of people get murdered in cool ways and the alien can become invisible and see via heat sensors and Arnold yells a lot of classic lines. Its all very great and every red blooded american should see this movie and then run around in the woods shirtless with their friends afterward.


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