Sci-Fi December: Dark City

Dark City Illustration by Jeff Schwartzbauer

Dark City – 1998

Dir: Alex Proyas | Rufus Sewell, Jennifer Connelly, Kiefer Sutherland, William Hurt

Year: Undisclosed, 1940’s-esque

Review: This is a classic. One of the best movies from the 90’s, flat out. This is a sophisticated and creative science fiction story told within an extremely enthralling and mysterious world that thanks to the fantastic sets, lighting, and special effects completely pulls you into the film. Every star actor, character actor, and extra gives a performance that is riveting and delivered with a commitment that feels like everyone was on board with Proyas story and direction and felt as if they were working on something unique and special. The movie wasn’t a success at the box office (however it was Eberts favorite film of 98) which is a shame because I think that factor may have stung Proyas a bit with studios and he has only done weak summer major studio blockbuster superstar actor driven features with I, Robot and Knowing and they clearly don’t have the creative control he had with this film or The Crow. Hopefully he will be able to get another chance to direct a more original feature like his career started with sometime in the future. If you have not seen this movie I can’t recommend it enough, and if you have not seen it recently I suggest you give it another spin. A Directors cut was released in 2008 which I have not seen but seems to have favorable reviews from fans – just watch whichever cut you can see sooner.

This is the official trailer and it really stinks and its no wonder people didn’t see it.


One thought on “Sci-Fi December: Dark City

  1. This movie was and is awesome to the max. I recently re-watched about a year ago and had forgotten how good it was. Plan on re-watching again now that you reminded me.

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