Sci-Fi December: Logan’s Run

Logans Run illustration by Jeff Schwartzbauer

Logan’s Run – 1976

Dir: Michael Anderson | Starring: Michael York, Jenny Agutter, Richard Jordan, Farah Fawcett-Majors

Year: 2274

Review: The 70’s is a pretty rough time for Sci-Fi and Logan’s Run is a shining example of all the bad post-hippie love in / new age spiritual sewage that plagued so much of the 70’s pop-culture. The plot is that for some reason humans all live in domed city and have this crystal embedded in their hands that counts down until they are 30. At that point they get on this magical carousel and they either chosen to move onto some other plane or existence or die. The main character is a “Sandman” who’s job is to hunt down people trying to escape their fate. This awards them power and swank pad and supposed guarantee of being accepted into the afterworld. The main character (Micahel York) is told to find this fabled Sanctuary that runners maybe going to; his boss advances his Hand-Jewel to the last year of his life and commands him to find this rumored place. He runs away with a prostitute in an attempt to escape and find a supposed holy land and then maybe blow it up? Not sure. He gets out and there is big twist that everyone and their dad would guess the second the film starts. But there is lots and lots of goofy nonsense between then and the end of the film and lots of confusion about becoming old. Michael York is a terrible leading man and should have swapped with his much more charismatic ‘Sandman’ parter who begins hunting him down. The movie is just constantly cheesy and dorky and is never fun. The highlight of the movie is when things really go off the rails and they encounter “Box” (seen in my illustration) this sort of weird robot that exists to do who knows what and for an unknown reason – he sort of presents himself as a farmer but he lives in an ice cave. If this movie had come out 10 years earlier along with Planet of the Apes or Barbarella it could maybe get some passes on its ideas, but its a shitty re-tread of  ideas (most often the worst) with a bad 70’s paint job and fashion sense.

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