Sci-Fi December: Lilo & Stitch

Lili & Stitch Illustration by Jeff Schwartzbauer

Lilo & Stitch – 2002
Dir: Chris Sanders & Dean DeBlois | Starring: Tia Carrere, Ving Rhames, Kevin McDonald
Year: 2002
Review: The 2000 decade was a real mixed bag for Disney Animated Features, especially when compared to the 90’s, but Lilo & Stitch (along with Emperors New Groove) stands at the top of the heap. Not just by default either, Lilo & Stitch is really great. It was created to be a smaller and cheaper alternative to the big budget musicals Disney had been producing and was also an original idea not based on any sort of legend or fables. The movie is funny, the plot is thoughtful and really relatable to kids, plus its a gorgeous looking film. The animation is great with really well crafted characters who have subtle exaggerated figures and roundness. Stitch who doesn’t talk for most of the movie has loads of fantastic reactions and movements. Plus all the detailed watercolor backgrounds are charming with the variety of color the Hawaiian setting allows. There is some Futurama-esque 3D spacecraft and other odds and ends, but they never look out of place or animate too cleanly to be distracting. The movie is a very thoughtful story based around a broken home family situation delivered in a clever way that doesn’t insult a kids intelligence while also making it humorous. Its just a top shelf feature.
I really dislike the main Trailer for the film, so here is one of the Teasers from a series of four they made of Stitch interfering with Disney classics.

2 thoughts on “Sci-Fi December: Lilo & Stitch

  1. Still one of my all time favorites of the recent Disney era. Love me some Stitch voice. Used to do a pretty good impersonation of it too. I forgot about his fascination with Elvis.

  2. Despite his blue fur and non-human figure he fools many Hawaiian beach goers into thinking that he is in-fact Elvis himself by playing some guitar and wearing an Elvis style jacket.

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