Sci-Fi December: Barbarella

Barbarella illustration by Jeff Schwartzbauer

Barbarella – 1968
Dir: Roger Vadim | Starring: Jane Fonda, John Phillip Law, Marcel Marceau
Year: 41st Century
Review: This film solely exists to showcase Jane Fonda in foxy mod outfits traipsing around in crazy psychedelic locales and being talked into sex with aliens. Which is completely fine by me. Nothing is too explicit, its not pornography, but it is certainly constantly erotic. The entire movie is like a Heavy Metal Magazine story brought to live action. The plot is paper thin and its not the reason anyone would have to stick around with the film. Every character Barbarella encounters is leading her to her next sexual encounter. All of the sets and special effects seem pretty cheap even when considering the time this was made. Also, it being produced by a big time production outfit like Dino de Laurentiis makes it seem even more shabby. However its pretty fun and charming and the movie moves quickly from event to event, and of course Jane Fonda is extremely attractive at all times.

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